Welcome to the Polyverse!

What is Polyverse?

Polyverse is an inclusive metaverse project with a blockchain, smart contract, and dApp-as-a-service platform that provides SDKs and liquidity solutions for developers, studios, and business owners to tokenize their DeFi and GameFi projects

Build & Earn

We support designers, developers, artists, and community developers. Just like the Play&Earn approach, we offer opportunities for individuals or institutions that will contribute to the development

Play & Earn

In Polyverse, you can find our games and games developed by third parties. Our goal is combine in-game and real-life utilities in the Polyverse universe. We believe we are not creating an economy that ends with the lifespan of a game but a structure that grows by nourishing each other in the long term


PolyLand is a planet full of surprises waiting to be discovered. A world of opportunities with giant mushrooms, purple crystals, gravity-free areas, new settlements and places to socialize. You can buy lands or building in PolyLand and can play games and earn or explore other opportunities.

dApp as-a-service

You can now deploy and use any smart contract on blockchain very easily. So our system can be integrated with any chain that has EVM support. Our ultimate goal is to act as a "blockchain-as-a-service" for all areas of need

Get Your NFT

We have a collection of 5555 algorithmically created 3D NFTs with entirely different features and accessories. We call them PolyVatars. You need a PolyVatar NFT to enter the Polyverse and earn while playing in PolyMine.